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Please could you help me? I had an email from you guys saying I couldn’t join you as I didn’t have the right type of meter. But I’m getting emails saying you’ll start taking money on the 18th?

@Jadeox, it seems sometimes their system gets a little confused. I wouldn’t worry about it though. Someone will no doubt be able to check up on things and give you an official answer on Monday.

Out of interest, what kind of meter do you have? Prepay will be supplied soon (in March hopefully), they should be able to put you on the waiting list.
If another kind, I thought they could utilise any other meters currently.

(@“Andrew at Bulb”,@“DanP at Bulb” etc)

Pre pay meter but I do want it changed so I can pay monthey.

Hi @Jadeox, ahh. Normally you have to get your current supplier to change this before switching, but as Bulb are going to be supplying pre-pay as well very soon, they might now be able to arrange to get this swapped over.

They have the tool the money? What do I do now?

@Jadeox Only your gas is prepay, we have taken over the electricity supply and reduced the original quote by half for the payments that we take until we can switch your gas. Your current supplier will have to change the meter for a credit meter if you want to switch to us ASAP. Otherwise, we should be able to start supplying prepay meters until a month or two from now.