My agreed payment does not match what you charged!

My agreed direct debit is £158, as is set up in the app… Why did you take £175 from my bank account?! How do I turn off the direct debit and pay the bill precisely as it is issued. You clearly can’t be trusted! (FYI, we used £128 of energy, and it snowed for several days during that time!)

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I had the same issue, they took over £190 from me and yet i used £116

What you use, and your DD amount are two separate figures. It is possible to use less but the DD amount may be higher to clear earlier debt or provide credit for when your bills are much higher.

Thats the argument they always use but my credit is more than my last bill

They like you to build up credit!!

You should consider changing your direct debit to the billed monthly amount. That way they’ll only take the billed amount. It would mean you don’t build up any credit and would have to be aware of higher winter bills.

Hi @Aardvark :wave:

As @Anton59 has said, during the warmer months, we expect that your direct debit payment will be higher than your monthly usage. That way, you will be building up some credit, so that in winter, when your bills are higher, we won’t need to increase your payments, as you will have extra credit to account for the increase.

If you did want to switch to a variable direct debit, where we’ll take the exact amount shown on your monthly bills from your bank, then let us know and we can get that arranged for you.

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Hi Luke, that didn’t answer my question: Why did bulb take MORE than my agreed direct debit figure.

How do I set up exact payment, can you advise the best contact details

This is what has recently happened to me too, they have increased the direct debit without permission, the account is in credit!! So why did the payments need to be increased? Surely this is classed as stealing if it is done without permission?!

Also I submitted my readings on the 1st April like everyone was advised to document, however on the 10th my readings have been estimated and are well above what I submitted!! This time shockingly we didn’t get any form of a reminder to say the readings are due, like we usually do!

Also what is the point in having a help/ chat now function, if you are unable to click on the link to have these conversations?

Hi @Hari87 - welcome to community :wave:

Unfortunately I can’t find an account with this email address, so I’ve just sent you an email now. I’ll then be able to discuss your payments with you.

– Meg :bulb: