My App is no longer updating my usage

My smart meter stopped updating my usage 13 days ago. Please could you tell me how to get this showing again on my app. Everything else is working

Same here… I’m on dual tariff and my electricity usage and history vanished a couple of weeks ago.

Hi @Tess56 and @dominicbritt, and welcome both of you to community :wave:

I’m afraid there’s an error on usage graphs at the moment for SMETS1 meters that have recently been enrolled onto the smart network.

It’s something our smart team are working on fixing and it should be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience with this.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi, I had a message back in November that my Smart meter, a first generation one installed by E.On was had successfully been upgraded.

However my Meter Usage chart promptly stopped working, something which I had been following closely.

I emailed support a week or so later who replied it was being looked into.

It is very useful to have this chart especially in winter, to wince at how much energy it takes to heat my place.

In time I hope to be able to set up a Raspberry api to hook into the feed to track it with greater cadence, but I’ve not got around to that bit yet.

And bung it onto some home dashboard, or something.

Same meter, same problem.
Begged for help but been told they’re working in it but can’t give a date it will work.
I have no in house display so it’s useless.

Hi @geoff.hogg and @Hippyh :wave:

I’ve merged your posts here as you’re all having issues with your usage graph.

Hopefully the answer above will provide some clarity, but I’m sorry we don’t have a date yet for when this will be fixed.

– Meg :bulb:

Good morning
Thank you for your reply. It seems to have resolved and started showing usage again a couple of days ago.
Kind regards

Ah that’s great to hear Theresa :raised_hands:

– Meg :bulb:

As a Data Engineer I guess our accounts are gathering are pointing to the old version 1 meter stream.

Perhaps some new code is required to blend the previous data to the new for the chart API calls.

This is going purely on guesses, I have no idea of the internals.

Rather curious as to what on Earth my electricity usage for December will be.