My app reading and screen reading different for yesterday

My app reading for yesterday says I spent £3.73 on both fuel but my smart screen says £2.58. Can you please tell me why?

Hi @sheshe0741 - welcome to community :wave:

The IHD relies on wifi and needs time to update so there may be slight differences. Also, not all IHDs including standing charge.

If you can see there is a discrepancy between your bill and the usage graph you should always check the readings directly on the meter which will match the billing and go off those.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg I am seeing differences of £1.50 to £2.00 a day. The reason I got a smart meter was so that I can monitor my usage but it now seems useless. Is bulb trying to finish off my credit on the account? In December I was on holiday for 3 weeks. Whilst on holiday I noticed my usage on some days were the same as when I wasn’t on holiday. I should have listened and run a mile from bulb just before it went into admin.

Hey @sheshe0741 thanks for messaging back.

If you would like to reboot your IHD please do this following this link, this may help in getting it more similar.

We were getting reads directly from your meter in December so it indicates that usage was correct however we appreciate there is a concern here. Your January bill was considerably less.

The smart system cannot identify an appliance that is using energy more than usual so you can get this checked by an electrician or gas safe engineer if you wish.

If you feel there could be a fault with your meter, we can send you some instructions to check this, let us know and we will send you this through.

Please feel free to follow the reboot link above to reset the IHD

–Carl :bulb: