My bill for April month is not generated

Hi team, my bill is generated 10th of every month but this month bill is not generated can you please help me.

Thank you

Hi @anjum.mulla :wave:

It looks like your next bill is due on the 30th of April. This is because there was a change to your payment date, meaning your billing date was shifted to the end of the month, so the bill you will receive next will run from the end date of the previous bill until the end of April.

Please let me know if that doesn’t sound right, and I’ll take a look into this for you.

-Luke :bulb:

I dont want directdebit, can i pay my bill once generated. As there is enough amount credit in my account and still my money is deducted from direct debit. Need help with billing system.Please help

Hi @anjum.mulla :wave:

If you would prefer, we can set you up to pay via variable direct debit. With this, you keep the direct debit active and after your monthly statement, we take a payment from you within 14 days. This will mean we only take the outstanding balance in your bulb account each month, preventing any credit or debit building up.

If you choose this option, your payments will change each month, which can make it a bit harder to budget and keep track.

If you would like to pay this way then please let me know and I can set it up for you.

Luke :bulb:

Sure make sense to me. Please go ahead and change this payment method.

I’ve had to contact Bulb for the last two months , and I assume this month will be the same as Billing date passed and no Bill, as never seem to get a bill until I ask for it. Use to get them almost straight away after billing date. Not sure why they never say, just press a button and it magically appears on my account.

Hey luck, till what date bill should be generated for me?

Hey Anjum :wave:

In order for me to set this up you will need to reinstate your direct debit.

Could you please set this back up and I will then set you up on a variable direct debit.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jen :star: