My bill is doubling!

I am fully aware that there is a crisis with fuel at the moment and that everyones bills are going up! But my bill is literally double the amount im paying now…
Listening to these experts on TV they state this is wrong and will only be in cases where you are in debt with the company or come of a fixed contract which im under neither…
Thus cant be right surely? We have made extra efforts the last 2 months to cut back on what we are using but the bill just keeps going up!
Any advice on the would help. Thank you

Totally agree, I have worked out based on last year’s usage what the increase will cost me April to end of Sept and my current DD plus my credit amount will cover it.
There was s absolutely no need to increase my DD
I won’t go into debit between now and end of Sept.

I can only assume Bulb are trying to increase my DD to ensure I have enough credit built up to see me through next winter which is wrong.
They can’t put up the monthly amount based on something which hasn’t yet happened - the Oct 2022 increase.

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Hi @sassiethecurlyone and @Joanne2711

Thank you both for your posts.

With the increases in prices on the first of April, we are expecting to see large increases in costs of statements.

Because of this we have looked to increase payments on accounts to ensure they don’t fall into debit and going forward usage is covered.

We do offer alternative payment methods however, I’ve sent both of you individual emails for if you would like to discuss your payments in more detail.

E :bulb:

Hi there. My bills are increasing to and I have credit in my account - bulb is saying they’re putting up my direct debit which I’m not happy with as my direct debit has already been put up to above what my actual usage is. I would like to make payments manually for my actual usage. It is also coming up to spring so my usage is going to be even less. How are people expected just to be able to cover payments that you’re predicting?
Hope you can help.


Hi Ele
Please can you also send me details on different ways to pay?

Hi @T5POWER80 :wave: Welcome to Community,

I have taken a look at your account and can see with the upcoming price increase in April your payments were increased to cover your average usage. This takes into account higher winter usage and lower summer usage and so even as we head into spring and summer your payments should stay the same. With this payment method, you should build up excess credit in the summer that can then be used to help cover any higher winter bills.

I can see you have reduced the payments down to the lowest possible amount on your account, this still aims to keep the account in a healthy position over the summer but you may find, depending on your usage, that they need to increase over the next winter. This is something we will review closing to the time.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

Hi @Jpp4G :wave: Welcome to Community,

I have sent you a quick email, you can get back to me there and we can discuss your payments further.

– KT :bulb: