My bill is higher than I expected - why?

According to my usage summary my Estimated Annual Cost £1,284. So why is my first bill £136.00? 136 x 12 = £1632. I thought I was going to save money on my bills. Please could someone explain this to me?

Unless I’m missing something here, your bills won’t stay at that level - they are dynamically adjusted to your usage every so often. You started in winter, so you can surely expect to be paying less as the weather improves. But I’ll let a Bulber give you the facts - I’m just a punter.

@willmowatlondon another great answer,

@stardust £136 are your monthly payments to us, These payments have a winter uplift of 20% applied to them to reflect the probability that your bills will be higher in winter. This helps to stop your account falling in to debt. If you would prefer to not pay a winter uplift that’s no problem just reply to this message and I can get that changed.

Your bills each month are based on your actual usage of energy, If you can provide us with meter readings just before the 7th of each month we’ll be able to make sure your bills are as accurate as possible.

You can adjust your payments to suit your bills using your MyBulb online account in the “change payment details” tab

In the Olden Days in the last century, one paid quarterly in arrears, which was great: one paid for what one had used, nice and clear. Now, though, utilities like to have a steadier stream of income that is uncoupled (in a direct sense) from consumption: the downside for us punters is that we’re reliant on the utility keeping tabs on our consumption and our payments and balancing the two, but the possible upside is that the utility is being more cost efficient and thus keeping prices in check. I’ve been a few months with Bulb now, and feel confident that the consumption-to-monthly payment ratio is working for me.

@willmowatlondon sage words and glad you are happy with the service! we take payment in advance because it allows us to purchase and supply our member’s energy at a lower cost which means we can pass these savings on by offering lower prices.

Under this business model, customers are more-or-less permanently in credit with the utility: provided the level of the credit is kept low, I don’t mind (and in any case, with such low interest levels for savers, I’m not losing anything by having it with Bulb rather than in a savings account).

My estimate was £36 p/month and since I signed up in December, I’ve paid between £60 and £70 per month. Can you tell me why this is basically double my estimate? We have had the heating on for a couple hours only on maybe 10 days in the last 3 months btw too. Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Felix, your bills each month are based on your usage of energy, Most of your bills have been based on estimates of your usage. You recently provided meter readings that indicate you have been using near enough what we estimated so the bills look correct at the moment. Most people’s usage declines in the summer so you will likely see your usage fall over the next few month and so your bills will fall.