My bills have swapped from SMART to ESTIMATED

back in october 2019 my bills for electricity where flagged as SMART now for the last couple of months they have revertted back to estimated, why and how do i fix this, i have a smartmeter from my previous supplier EON.

prepare for hard manual labour and send in meter readings monthly
If you have smets 1 meters the ability of bulb,and other suppliers to read these will hopefully be the backend of this year.DON’T quote me on that!

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It sounds like you have a SMETS2 meter that Bulb have been reading successfully, but now are not. They are having ongoing problems with smart meters, mostly related to their own software and their ability to bill successfully from the data provided automatically.

The only thing you can do is report the problem to Bulb. Try using the web chat or give them a call. Don’t bother emailing, you wont hear back for weeks.


thank you reported to bulb help desk

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