My Bills increasing when you said you would save me money !

You seem to tempt people in by offering low monthly rates then constantly say I’m not paying enough and try and raise it to more than I was paying my previous supplier! I don’t think my bills are correct as you keep charging me on estimates and saying I am in debt - I would like my account checked please

Hello @Murielj ,

When you signed up to Bulb, did you actually provide units or just specify the size/type of your property. Depending on what you supplied will vary how accurate the original estimate/quote was - but at the end of the stage, you would have been provided the cost of the standing charges and per unit. If you use more electricity/gas then the estimate/quote was for, then you will (of course) pay more - and if you use less than the estimate, you’ll pay less.

Have you been providing Bulb with your meter readings to ensure your bills are accurate? (they prefer monthly meter readings).

If it’s been a while since a meter reading was supplied, Bulb would have to use estimated values from a government body which will be what is throwing off your estimates: (from :

...For every meter in the uk, there's a government body that keeps up to date annual consumptions of gas and electricity (in kWh), which they provide to your new supplier when you switch over and which they update every time we send them one of your meter readings. We get updated versions of these annual consumptions every month or so, and they're the ones we use for your estimated yearly usage and so on.

Looking at your account, it appears that the most recent annual consumptions we’ve received for you are a bit higher than the ones we received when you switched over, suggesting that your usage has risen a little. I don’t want to put the exact details up on a public forum, but we can give you the exact numbers if you get in touch through some more private channel. Regardless, I think that these higher estimated consumptions make up the difference. If it turns out that you aren’t using more over the course of the year than in previous years, and that whichever readings led to those higher annual consumptions were just one offs, then those consumptions (and thus your estimated usage) will go back down again.


If you do feel Bulb’s prices are too high (it’s always best to compare standing charges and unit prices rather than ‘quotes’ as the latter would change based on the ‘estimated’ size of property/usage) or just unhappy, then you can move to another provider at any any time - unlike other providers, Bulb does NOT tie you into a long contract nor do they charge you “exit fees”.

I hope you continue to be a Bulb customer and that there’s just been a misunderstanding in the prices.

@Murielj Our initial monthly estimates are based on the information we’re given. If someone switches to us through our site, this is based on the consumption figures they give (if we receive them). If not, it’s based on the size of the house and the postcode selected in the process.

If someone switches to us through a price comparison site, they generate a monthly estimate (using our unit rates) and then pass on that estimate for us to use.

We do bill based on estimates if we don’t receive actual meter readings in time to close a monthly bill. However, if we have a correct reading at the beginning of someone’s time with us, and another correct reading recently, the account balance is likely to be correct (no matter what the estimates were in the middle) as it’s a running total.

From checking your account I’m afraid it does seem that the current balance - and the new monthly payment estimate - is correct.

Hi , when i joined bulb this year , i was told there wouldn’t be increases for a couple of years at least , this is one of the reasons i switched from brirish gas as they were always increasing , now im told that my monthly bill will increase by over five pounds pm
I live on a state pension , that wont be increasing until next April
Also when i switched , i was told bulb would be installing smart meters by the end of this summer , that hasnt happened , i had a SM with british gas , i only want to pay for what i use , not get told that i need to increase my monthly payment by whatever amount , can you please reply to my questions

Thank You

Hi , when i joined bulb this year , i was told there wouldn't be increases for a couple of years at least

Who told you that? I doubt Bulb themselves said anything like that as they have variable rate tariff which could change at ‘any time’ (although they do give customers 60 days notice of price rises - price drops take effect immediately - and they also don’t have exit fees so you can leave at any time).

The only way a company would be able to promise no price rises would be to offer you a ‘Fixed length’ contract which ‘locks’ you into a price (usually at a disadvantage as the price per unit will be higher than ‘current’ as they’ve got to ‘hedge their bets’) and they also charge exit fees if you leave early. I don’t think Bulb has ever offered a fixed length contract or promoted anything like that.

smart meters by the end of this summer , that hasnt happened

That was Bulb’s intention based on information by ‘DCC’ (who is the government appointed data collection company for the new SMETS2 smart meters). However, DCC encountered software problems which kept pushing their side of things to later in the year and Bulb are only ‘now’ just in a position where they can test their integration with DCC.

i only want to pay for what i use

If you supply regular meter readings, you will only pay for what you used (subject to the standard Bulb paying a month in advance).

@Dreamer3 Noone from Bulb would have told you that there wouldn’t be any price increases for a couple of years. They have been warning their customers all year that energy costs are rising and that prices may have to go up.

Maybe it was the person who persuaded you to change?

“Maybe it was the person who persuaded you to change?”

So they could get their £50 referral :#

@Dreamer3 We only have a variable tariff so would never have advised that we would have not changed prices for that period of time.

We have to change prices when wholesale costs increase and pass savings onto our members when they decrease.

@RichyB Is correct about smart meters, there has been delays caused by the government appointed data collector.