My bulb account

I have lost my e-mail with all my account details ,as I want to submit a reading.
Edit: deleted personal details

Best you phone, email or live chat to contact them, however if you go to MyBulb at the top right of page you may get the details you require, you can also submit readings from there.
I would also take your personal details off the forum or you may get unwanted spam. Click the wheel shape in your post to edit.

Hi David, you’ll be able to login to your Bulb Account with just your email address to give us meter readings. You can find login here: and click the ‘Submit Meter Reading’ button.

To help protect your data, I’m going to go ahead and delete your personal details from your post :slight_smile:

@“Jenny at Bulb” You’d better delete the personal details from your post too.

Thanks @xxx

@“Jenny at Bulb” You’re welcome.