My Bulb usage graph not updated

Not sure if it just happening to me, but it is now the 19th of December and I was checking my usage and I noticed that the graph in My Bulb only shows actual usage up to October, and I was hoping to confirm the expectations for Nov & Dec. Is this something that is being looked into? Is it just me?

Well, it always happens like this, so either:
a) you are magically super-quick and having posted you IMMEDIATELY fixed it for me, or
b) the meter reading I submitted (for December) not only updated my reading, but forced the site to recalculate usage for November
c) it is a complete coincidence that the moment I complain, it magically corrects itself

Either way, the actual figures are now graphed for November

On a related note, do the forward month estimates get updated with each actual reading / bill or are they foxed for the year? If they are updated, would it be possible to show that they have changed so if the amounts are going to differ from the projected ones at the start of the year, we are warned about it?


Once the month is completed with a meter read, the graph will update. May need you to log in and log to see the change though!

They’re updated after each meter read you provide, at the moment, we would keep things simple by showing the current annual estimate but if you would like to know the history of the meter annual estimates, then just let us know and we can send them over to you.