My DD payment went out but the payment came off my balance?

I have a set monthly tariff which I pay monthly which is always higher than my usage, this month I payed out the Direct debit ammount and the bill came off my balance and my payment was not added on to my balance, even though the bill was considerably less than what I pay monthly.

Any ideas why my account has not been credited and why it has been taken off my credit instead of being taken off my direct debit payment

Thank you

  1. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the direct debit to be credited to your account. How long as it been? If it’s not showing by close of business on Monday, then you’d be best to contact Bulb directly by phone, email, or webchat, rather than asking on this community forum.
  2. That’s how it works. Your direct debit tops you your Bulb account as a credit, and the bills are charged as a debit to your Bulb account. As far as I’m aware that’s how it works with all suppliers that use the monthly payment by direct debit system.