My debit card has suddenly been declined!

Hello Can anyone help and advise me please?
I have just gone to put some money on my account and had “card declined!” Flashed up. There is plenty in my bank account so I have no idea why this has happened. I’m disabled and I’m going to run out of gas within the next 24hours.
Thank you.

Email between 9am and 6pm and you’ll get a reply within an hour. Email after 6pm and Bulb will reply by 10am the next day if it’s a weekday or 11am the next day if it’s the weekend or a bank holiday.

Or call 0300 3030635 at the weekend and you can speak to Bulb’s metering partners who should be able to help you.

Hello , Your card may have been declined because some banks have introduced new security systems to fight against online fraud . I know barclays bank have just done this now . You have to do a check up on the new way to use your card online when shopping online . Its a small security check using your mobile phone and a text service just to make sure it is you using your card online . Have a look at your email box to see if you have had an email from the bank to go through the new security check . It explains what to do . Or you could have a look on your banks website . If you do online banking have a look at your account and see if you have any new notifications or messages . Hope this helps you out .

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Hey @d.h.54

Sorry to hear you had issues with your card, as a smart pay as you go meter you can always top up in store like the old prepayment meters, it would be worth contacting the bank to find out why it was declined as we would not be able to see the full detailed picture of what had occured.

–Carl :bulb: