My energy usage can't be correct - what are the options?

I’ve challenged Bulb in the past but they just advised paying personally for an investigation (of the Electricity and gas meters)

I just can’t believe we are consuming so much energy that we are being charged £500+ pcm.
The bills have been, in my opinion, too high for the last 2-3 years.
We have a 5 bedroom house so on the larger size but we hardly have the heating on and, to be honest, there is no unusual energy use. I can’t go on blaming the fact that we have 2 fridges!

Can anyone advise on the best route to escalate a challenge or the best next step?

Also, if the meters are deemed to be unreliable/giving false readings, is it possible to claim back the excessive fees that have been charged to us?

thanks in advance

Have u checked your meters to make sure they are they billing you correctly
I have been billed incorrectly in my gas meter since November 2018 and I’ve been charged 3 times my usgae after contacting citizens advice

Sounds silly, but how do I check that?
I have provided intermittent readings to Bulb but I don’t know how to compare with other readings / usage or indeed whether they are miscalculating.

I feel it could genuinely be screwed up meters - they are old - or that we have a gas leak - this is the higher bill - or that I am unknowingly supplying my neighbours!

Thanks, Floyd

Is your gas meter measured in cubic feet or is it it metric ( m3)
Check this first and then check to see if they are billing you to a metric meter or a cubic feet meter

Hi, for gas my readings are m3

For elec, I guess they are all kWh…

Ok and on your bill
Do they have the correct meter serial number for your gas and electric ?

Hey @Floyd and welcome to the community :wave:

I can see you mentioned that you are giving intermittent reads. If you aren’t wanting to pay for an accuracy test, it may be worth submitting reads at the same time every month so we can see exactly how much is being used each month.

You’ve also mentioned you have a 5 bedroom house - do you have any high usage appliance such as a hot tub, pool, gym equipment etc?

– Robyn :bulb: