My faith in Bulb has been restored

I had an issue with the level of our payments and posted on here when I did not seem to get anywhere through the online chat. However, on reflection, I was probably being impatient and not taking into account the difficult circumstances all companies have at the moment. Being disabled as well, I guess I can take things more personally than I should. Anyhow, Lewis dealt with my complaint patiently and calmly and - at my request - willingly involved his manager to review my account. Between them, the same day, they reset my payments to a reasonable level and returned a significant proportion of the credit I had built up - not an enormous amount to most people, probably - but significant to us. I dealt with Lewis throughout our chats and he was genuinely concerned about our situation and did his absolute best to help me. I can’t thank him enough - and am happy to say on here that I was tempted to move to another supplier, but Lewis has changed my view entirely and I will be staying with Bulb. Thanks, Lewis!

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Hello @miina56,

Thank you for taking your time to create this post. I am so glad that your query has now been resolved and that Lewis gave you excellent service. I will be sure to pass your thanks on to him.

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Happy to see a happy customer on here :slight_smile: