My final bill is wrong

Hey, I have just received my final bill. I’m staying with bulb as we actually find them a really good supplier. However, on 20/11/2020 I made my final DD payment but this was also ‘move out’ day. Supplied up to date readings for old property and was waiting for final bill. They have told me to expect a refund of £58.00 which is based on the final bill but they haven’t taken into account my monthly DD amount which is still showing as pending on bills and statements meaning my refund should actually be north of £100! As it’s Christmas coming up and I’m wanting to buy new sofas (haha!), I could really do with my actual refund amount I’m entitled to. Anyone else had this problem>?

Your D/D will be refunded in full, albeit in a seperate payment.
One of those idiosyncrasies of blubs accounting system

Ahh that’s great. I am gonna wait for the online chat at 9am just to have confirmation in writing. I thought it may be the case as usually it shows as paid on the 20th. It’s defintley left my bank. Not the clearest of ways of doing it but as long as I get what I’m owed :). Thank you

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@skippy64 is correct! Your payment will be refunded within 7 - 10 days of your final bill being generated. If you would like us to pop you email confirmation of this just let us know on this thread!