MY Final Bill


Please can someone explain why my final bill is so high

Hi @Neda,

Without seeing it, not really (please do NOT post a copy of it as it’ll have your name/address and other personal details on it) But we can make a few guesses and give a bit of guidance on common situations:

  • Does the closing meter reading on the bill match up to the opening meter reading details on your your new supplier? If not, contact Bulb at and they’ll rerequest the meter readings from your new supplier (they may have got mangled en route)
  • If the meter readings do match, do they match what your meter showed at the time? If not, your new supplier has made a mistake and you should contact them with the correct readings and they’ll reprocess everything and let Bulb know.
  • If the meter readings do match and matches your reading taken at the time, but the meter is currently showing lower than that, then you probably made a mistake in reading your meter. Let your new supplier know.
  • If the meter readings match each other and your own reading and is slightly lower than currently, then you probably weren’t supplying meter readings to Bulb over the time you were with them and relied on estimated bills. If Bulb now has a ‘actual read’, they would have regenerated the bills as the previous estimates were too low.
  • If the meter readings match each other and your own reading and you weren’t getting estimated bills, then you probably just used a lot of power.