My first gas reading was wrong

Hello, I switched from Scottish Power to Bulb on 26 June, submitting meter readings to you on 21 June as you asked. However the gas reading that I submitted then was 1687 and now when I logged into my account it said was 23something or other, meaning I had to submit a photo of the meter to prove that it’s now 1699. Also Scottish Power sent me a final bill for the reading of 1693 which I suppose is their estimate of how much it went up from 1687 between 21st June and 26th June. However even that seems too much as even today on 9th August it is still only 1699. I tried to phone Scottish Power to ask about this but got cut off mid call and they didn’t phone back, unsurprisingly as their customer service has always been diabolical. I am hopeful Bulb will be much better so I’d appreciate if this can get cleared up. As far as I understood the point of me submitting the reading to Bulb on 21st June would be so I could get an accurate final bill from the last supplier and an accurate start to the account with Bulb. Seems ok for electricity but not for the gas so I hope this can get sorted out quickly. Thanks.

Hey @dantesnose

That doesn’t sound good. I’m going to tag a few of the guys from Bulb to see if they can clear this up for you.

@“DanP at Bulb” and @“Euan at Bulb”