My first payment


My first payment of £104.66 is due on the 11th March. Can I opt out of the winter increase and make my normal payments of £87.22?

I put in the exact details of my last year’s usage and am expecting at £50 welcome credit so I don’t feel I need to make increased payments.

Also, I plan to transfer to bulb whatever credit I have from my current provider when my account with them is closed and am currently in credit with them.


Hey @pinuk No worries that’s all sorted your next payment will be £87.22 on the 11th.

Good job for keeping an eye on your usage and for getting referred :smile: If you make some referrals yourself just let us know and we can discuss reducing/pausing payments!

Just so you know you can’t directly transfer credit over as we are completely separate companies, and have to be super regimented on billing for your payment security. Your previous supplier should refund any payment to your bank account and if you wish to use that to top up your account you can do so on your MyBulb, just head to

Thanks for amending my payment as per my request.

As for transferring over the credit I have with my current provider, I didn’t explain very well. I was planning to get my refund and then make a payment to my bulb account via MyBulb as you suggested.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @pinuk no problem!

Thanks for clearing that up :smile: