My friend recommended me to join Bulb

My friend recommended me to change supply from British Gas to Bulb. As I am now signed up with Bulb, can my friend be rewarded with her £50?
Her details are:
Miss Cathia ***********
*********** ***********,

If it had not been for her recommendation, you would not have had my custom.

Kind Regards,
Keith Ryder-new Bulb Customer

Probably not a good idea to put so much detail on here… just her username should do.

HI @keith7260 big thank you from us to Cathia, but unfortunately, we cannot retroactively give the £50 to her or you. The reason is that you signed up through USwitch, and I’m afraid we can’t apply referral links to sign-ups through switching sites. The reason is that we need to pay switching websites for the signup, so if we also needed to pay referral bonuses, it would all become too costly. We’re really sorry about this :frowning:

The good news is that if you refer your friends using your link on your new MyBulb account. If they switch using that, you can get £50 of credit applied to your account. And you can do this an unlimited number of times :slight_smile: