My friend used my referral link and completed his switch but neither of us received the £50 credit.

My boyfriend used my referral link (I received the e-mail) to switch, and completed his switch on Sept 28th - he has received the email to say it’s compete and that he is 100% Bulb. However when his switch completed he simply disappeared off my referral list. Neither of us received the £50 credit. Is this a bug or does it sometimes take longer?

Odd, if you received the email notification the payment should show up. When you log in to your dashboard at and select ‘Refer a friend’ (or, in app, ‘Referrals’ -> ‘See the status of your referrals’) does your friend show up as completed (or pending)?

If it’s completed, you should have £50+ ‘total rewards’ credit and your Bulb account should have an additional £50 in it. If it’s still pending, with the date still on the 28th, drop Bulb a line at - if it’s still pending, but has a future date, then there may have been a problem in your friend transferring across which has just delayed things by a few days.

If it’s not showing up, and you know your friend hasn’t cancelled the switch (which seems to be the common reason for referrals not completing), just drop Bulb an email and I’m sure they’ll check things out for you.

The referral was showing as pending, but when he completed it disappeared completely and neither of us received the £50 credit. I had 2 referrals and the other one worked perfectly which is how I know something has gone wrong with this one. I’ve checked and he has definitely completed his switch 100%.