My gas isnt working!!!

Bulb my gas isn’t working?
Bulb just left me with no gas no central heating in this cold weather with young children. I woke up Saturday and realise I haven’t got central heating, rang the number but wow! They only have office from Monday to Friday!!! They put u through to the national grid emergency but when you spoke to national grid they cnt do anything about it . It’s your supplier you have to speak to… so back to square one! what a mess’!!!

Is it definitely your gas? And not just the boiler?

If it is the gas, are you on prepayment?

If so this may help?

No I’m on direct debit !!

It sounds to me like it is the boiler. (and if it is then nothing to do with Bulb)
If a combi boiler can you check the pressure gauge it should be between 1 and 1.5 bar, if it drops too low the boiler will not fire up.
Other common fault in freezing weather is a frozen condensate pipe.

Does your hot water work?

Do you have any gas appliances such as a fire or cooker which you can check if still working?

Was it necessary to post three threads on the same topic?

As others have said, it sounds like it’s a problem with your boiler or your actual supply of gas, neither of which Bulb are responsible. Your default assumption that Bulb must have cut you off seems an odd one to reach compared with the other far more likely alternatives.

I think Bulb has resolved the problem with the customer. I don’t know what the actual problem was or how it was sorted out . Perhaps @Mich1006 can advise whether it was gas cut-off or a problem with central heating boiler or something else?

Hi @Mich1006

I’ve sent you a private message to get this sorted.

Thanks all for your help.

We’ve arranged to have the meter replaced this morning. If your gas or electric stops working outside of our working hours then you need to call the emergency number.

National Grid deals with gas emergencies and Siemens deal with electricity emergencies.

We’ve written a help center article that helps to identify what problem you’re having and how to deal with it.