My gas meter display the MONEY...... . OFF..... And CALL HELP.....what can I do?

My gas reader meter stop work and just displayed The MONEY… OFF… CALL HELP…
what can I do now… On weekend anybody answer on call center… BAD POINT… BULB

Your call should be diverted to Bulb’s metering partner. You can also request an emergency callback which should be replied to within an hour.

For some reason Bulb won’t permit posting of a link (not even to their own website), but if you Google “Bulb emergency help” or go to the foot of the Bulb homepage and click on Emergencies (in the Contact section), you’ll find some details.

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To stop people posting links with referrals to other suppliers

It was because of spambots posting links to malware and phishing sites.

It was because of spambots posting links to malware and phishing sites
That also

Hi @edyfer2014

I’m really sorry you had trouble reaching us over the weekend. I can see that in the end you did manage to get through to the Emergency team who got the meter replaced.

If you have any follow up questions or issues around this just let me know.

I’d like to give a big thanks to @norman7115 for helping @edyfer2014 get the help needed over the weekend too, amazing stuff :pray:

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I’m really happy… The staff fixed vía email every thing… They sended me a member technician…it was amazing… Nothing complain…
Please if someone will have some trouble on weekend… Just send a email… They will answer you asap.

I’m really happy to hear everything got sorted for you @edyfer2014, and thank you very much for your positive feedback :hugs:

– Meg :bulb: