My gas meter is no longer sending my reads automatically?

Hello, my gas readings are no longer being sent to you automatically since Jan/Feb this year.
Could you resolve this asap please?

Hi @Mikey1

Thank you for posting and welcome to community :hibiscus:

We recently enrolled your meter to the DCC network. So this means upgrading, improving security and saving the industry many millions of pounds a year.

The government put in place this programme to move first-generation meters onto this network, giving old meters the same benefits as new meters.

It seems your electricity meter has now enrolled onto the DCC so the readings will be coming through from register 1 instead ( for example meter reading 10040 ). This is so we can amend the readings in our system so you won’t pay anymore or any less. This is an internal change.

Your gas meter has not enrolled over to the dcc network just yet so please bear with us as this can take 3-4 months to update. In the meantime could you please provide manual readings.

–Suki :hibiscus: