My gas meter is not being recognised

The readings for my gas meter are not being recognised by Bulb, instead are being estimated. Previously when with Toto I was changed to smart meters. A switch to First energy followed and despite numerous phone calls, serial no.s & repeated photographic evidence they never recognised my smart gas meter, only the electric one and continued to estimate the bell based on the old meter.
I became really fed up of their lacklustre customer services and switched to bulb. Now I’m worried that the same may be happening again.
I have informed your customer services and provided photos on your submit readings page (great idea by the way!), now I’m waiting for some acknowledgement that this problem is being sorted at last.

Yours in hope

Hi @insectseige it looks like we received the details of your old meter from Toto. Not to worry, I have used your photo to update our records and enter your readings so all looks correct now.