I went to submit a meter reading to you today of 00554 after the volume request showed.
You said this wasn’t right, and to submit a photo, im in my sixties and would not know how to do this,
Please therefore advise, I have read the meter 3 times now, and it keeps saying the same.

Please see above thanks/

Hi @paul_gregory we received a reading from your previous supplier of 16682 m3. This does seem to be quite a bit different from the reading you are trying to enter. We need to make sure we’ve got the right meter in our system. Do you have a smart phone? You should be able to take a photo and attach it to an email that you can send to Otherwise, you can take a photo with a digital camera and upload it to your computer, and then email it to us as well. If you know someone that can help, that would be great. If you need some more help with this, please call us at 030030303635.
Team Bulb

Hi Paul, is there any way you can send us a copy of your gas bill? We’re looking to find the meter point reference number. I have emailed you now and if you can reply to that email, that would be great!