My gas usage bulb saying i owe 3 times amount

I checked my online acount bulb saying i owe 380 for gas but usage 84 pound can some one plz help feeling realy stressed now

If you have a smet 1 first generation meter they are apparently moving them to 2nd generation status and it is causing problems my electric meter all of a suuden added 375 kwh in a week this has now been corrected after many phone calls and emails just keep hounding them. Bulb used to be really excellent but new owners only interested in profits or that is how i see it, i have been with bulb a total of 6 years and never had any issues until this new company took over but as soon as it is feasible i will move to another company one that is totally run in uk. To many worldwide countries own essential amenities here now.

Hi have they sorted for you as i use 8t gas they saying 310.and saying i submit meter reading but i didnt

Thats ok one of there customer services idiots decided to put a meter reading in that was not true the it added 340Kwh to my meter reading but i kept going until it was sorted out and if they still try to charge me i will see them in a legal way do not give up keep at them this is their staff that cause this.

Hi Julie :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch with us and I really want to apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

I have had a look over your account and since you first got in contact with us your billing has been revised to reflect your actual usage. If you are still unsure about the billing on your account could you please reply to this thread :point_down:

Jenny :star: