My meter and bulbs readings

Having received my latest bill, i am dismayed at the way bulb have gone about this. Having set up a direct debit of £114. My latest bill came to £146.
I sent my meter readings in on the 5th Nov a date of each month i always do.
My latest bill listed my own readings, yet bulb have decided to use the estimate of the 9th Nov. There estimate has increased my bill. With the situation of finances at the moment, i don’t find this helpful.
Using there online chat, there never seems to be anyone there. Bulb, any answer please.

I think you need to submit a reading less than 3 days before your bill date or an estimate is used but that estimate should be based on the actual reading you sent them. As for the direct debit, you can change that in your Bulb account but it might be worth calling them to ask why they increased it because it may not be covering your energy usage.

Thank you for your reply. My bill date is now on the 10th of each month, i send my readings in on the 5th, so i feel that is plenty of time. I do have credit so an over charge will be covered. My main gripe is the estimate when i had sent my readings in on time.

Making contact with bulb is like most things in this day and age, its near impossible. However i will keep trying. Failing will mean a move to another provider.

Hi @Tracey66

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had a disappointing experience with us.

To second what @durdledoor said, readings need to be submitted within 3 days of your billing date to be used as the reading that your statement finishes on. When we don’t have a reading in this time frame we use industry generated estimates.

Your current billing period is the 9th to the 8th of each month, so a reading would need to be submitted from the 6th onwards.

Next month if you are able to submit a reading in that period, then it will be included in your statements and your bills will correct themselves.

I hope this explains everything, but please let me know if you have any more queries

Ele :bulb:

Thank you kindly.
You appear to be confused. Firstly, i have almost always sent my readings in on the 5th of each month, these have always been excepted. I sometimes receive a notificatiopn that a meter reading is needed.
My last meter reading was filled in on the 5th Nov, bill date was the 10th Nov. With reference to your above, "Your current billing period is the 9th to the 8th of each month, so a reading would need to be submitted from the 6th onwards." I believe i have met the time limit, unless i am sending the reading in to early ? which again is a little confusing. Is there any where in the policy that mentions the importance of time periods for meter reading ?
I am confused about your dates, you say 9th to the 8th, surely this should be 8th to the 9th ?

Hey @Tracey66 :wave:

Looking at your account history, you have submitted readings each month on the 6th or 7th and these have been used to calculate your usage. In November 2020 and January 2021 you submitted a reading on 5th and we then estimated on 9th as this is slightly too early, same as what happened this month. As Ele mentioned, submitting readings between 6th and 9th of each month will result in accurate billing.

Your current billing period runs from 9th of one month to 8th of the following month. Sorry for the confusion there.

I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any more questions.

– Robyn :bulb:

Ok, Thank you kindly. I understand better now.
It appears i am a day to early with my readings. I will follow your suggestion next month.