My meter doesn't show R02 reading

I’ve been trying to submit my day and night reading for a few days now but am unable to submit the night reading as the R02 does not show up when I press Key number 6 of my Smart meter (Liberty secure 100). I called customer support several times and each time I was given a different answer, but none seem to solve the problem.
First time I was told that by pressing number 6 I would get the day reading and by pressing number 9 (labelled IMP KWH) I would get the night reading. The next few days I kept an eye on the meter and the number 9 reading went up alongside the R01 during the day, which suggests this is the total usage of electricity. By using this I would be paying almost twice of what I should.
The second time I contacted bulb, I was told I was right and what I needed to do was subtract the R01 reading (number 6) from the IMP KWH (number 9), but by doing that I would get an absolutely different reading from my last reading (that the first bulb employee wrote down and submitted).
I’ve tried looking online on what to do but cannot find a solution for this, and I’ve seen that other costumers had the same problem but had no solutions posted on here.
Just in case you need it , when I press the number 6 the meter cycles between TARIFF, ZERO RATE, ACT RATE, IMP R01, STCHG/DAY, 000-000P, +IMP R01+, 2770.0, 000-000P, CREDIT, USING NOW, COST NOW and thats it.
When I press 9 I get IMP KWH, 3061.4, EXP KWH, IMP KVARH, EXP KVAR, I TEST KWH, E TEST KWH, and thats it.
Please let me know if you have a solution for this.
Thank you kindly.

Check what the active rate is during your E7 hours?
My guess is it’s been reconfigured to standard rate 24/7.

Check what the active rate is during your E7 hours? My guess is it's been reconfigured to standard rate 24/7.

Thank you for the reply.
You may be right. Is there a way to only submit the total meter reading instead of the day/night rates? I try submiting it online but it always asks me for both…

I found this instruction from another suppliers site, not sure if it will for you:

To take a meter reading on an Economy 7 electricity tariff:

Press 6 on the keypad four times.
Wait a moment – your day/peak and night/ off-peak readings will show up on the screen one after the other, starting with off-peak.
For your off-peak reading, you'll see “IMP R01” onscreen. A second later, you'll see your meter reading: eight digits, with “kWh” towards the bottom right of the screen.
For your peak reading you'll see “IMP R02”. A second later, you'll see eight digits, with “kWh” towards the bottom right of the screen.
You'll only need to take the first 7 digits when taking each of these readings (i.e. nothing after the decimal place).</b>