My meter readings are high. Can someone from Bulb check my meter?

I have just read my meter readings. The electric is showing I have used 207 units in 4 weeks, which is impossible to use with just lighting, fridges and television use. There must be a fault with the meter as you will see from previous readings it has never been any where near this high, even in the summer months when we had our swimming pool working. Can you please get someone to check the meter.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Fletcher

Hi @honeymoon85 ,

207 over a month doesn’t actually sound that high - ours between 4th October to 3rd November was 329 (as metered): admittedly, we are high users and the house is occupied 24/7 (but it only the 2 of us).

Bulb can send out an engineer to check your meter, but if the meter is checked and found to be within the OFGEM prescribed limits (i.e ‘no fault found’), you will have to pay the cost of the engineer callout/replacement.

Have you checked you haven’t left anything on (see ) and/or do you use the electricity for heating in any way (from central heating to ‘stand alone/portable radiators’ to halogen heating lights) as it’s been cold the last few weeks?

If you really want someone to check the meter, drop Bulb and email (or call them) using the details on .

This is my monthly electricity usage, we have gas central heating & gas hob.