My meter readings

Hi Bulb,

Not quite sure how this has happened but the “My usage” page is listing meter readings that are not the ones I have submitted to you.

My electricity readings appear to be correct but my last 2 gas readings are nothing like the ones I have submitted to yourselves.
You have a reading for 30th January 19 of 8791
Quite where you have got this from is anyone’s guess but it certainly wasn’t from me!
I entered a reading of 8626
You also have an estimated reading from 1st March of 8842 it should be 8664.

Why you’ve accepted my electricity reading from the same day, yet estimated my gas seems a bit daft!


This is a public forum and best if you contacted the Bulb team direct, ,their contact details are on the Help page.

Out of interest are the gas readings prior to 30 January based on your submitted meter readings?

Hi Allanr,
Yes they are.