My meter's clock needs adjusting - can I do it myself?

Hi there. I’ve just joined Bulb with a dual-rate meter. One problem I’ve had for a while is that the clock on my dual-rate meter is wrong - it’s behind by about four hours - so I’ve being charged the wrong rated at different times. It’s not so much a problem now but during Winter when I’m using my storage heaters it is. Is this something I can adjust myself or does it need an engineer? Thanks in advance for the advice!

Hi there @rmuk if the clock on your meter is wrong and it’s causing problems, then that means the meter is faulty and we’ll get it replaced for you (no charge). If you drop us an email at explaining the issue and attaching a photo of the meter, we’ll get that booked in for you

Awesomesauce! I’ll ping an email over shortly. Thanks!

Perfect, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

@“David at Bulb”, on an environmental point, does the meter get replaced completely when the clock’s wrong or does an engineer just adjust the clock?

If the former, what happens to the old meter? I imagine it does not get re-used even if it’s still within its useable life, so that seems like an extremely wasteful situation. E-waste recycling is always pretty dubious so the fact it’ll probably get “recycled” doesn’t really improve things (the thermoplastic case for example can’t be recycled in any way, neither can the PCB material itself).

@mowcius if the engineer is able to make adjustments to the meter they will be able to do so without replacing it. However, if the meter itself is faulty and can’t be adjusted, they will replace it.

The metering operator will take back the faulty meters and refurbish them if possible. Afterwards, it’s down to processes of that metering operator on whether they recycle or how they dispose of the meters.

For functioning meters that have been replaced by a smart meter or changed from 1-rate to 2-rate, they will be re-used in future meter job replacements.