My new account come up with my old address and payment plan

Hi all,
in February I tried to switch to Bulb and after all set and done (account/direct debit/ payment plan), Bulb realised that they cannot supply energy to my house and cancelled everything. In the mean time (August) I moved to another address and decided again to switch to Bulb. All good, but now I’m getting emails to send readings for my new address and when I log in, my account is showing all the details from the old address/account which I never used. Why is this happening when the new account was made for a totally different address? Even the emails that I get from Bulb are with my new address mentioned but in the account is the old one.

October 14, 2018 5:15PM Flag

This is basically a customer to customer forum, you will possibly will be better off if you contact the Bulb team direct, please see