My old supplier smart meter doesn't show anything

Hello. We have recently joined Bulb and have been told that can still use our old supplier smart meter. We’ll but since the change the smart meter is not showing any usage like its been disconnected. Can anyone advice as I can’t find any relevant info on Bulbs help page. Thank you!

Presume you mean IHD rather than meter, the little thing that shows your daily usage,
Suggest for the sake of your sanity you unplug it and throw it in a draw somewhere, until at least July when they may start working again(once the DCC gets everything connected up)

Hi @yavex11

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I’ve had a look into your account and it looks as though you have a first generation smart meter installed by British Gas.

First generation smart meters are only smart with the supplier who installed them. Unfortunately we’re unable to read first generation smart meters at the moment or connect to your In Home Display. First generation smart meters will be updated remotely throughout the year. We hope that by the end of 2020 we are able to communicate with your meter and your IHD works correctly.

We’ll be in touch with you once we think we’re able to communicate with your meter but for the time being we’ll need you to submit manual readings.

I hope this clears things up but let me know if you need anything else.

Just did that. Thanks.