My Price Comparison Switch to Bulb

2 years ago i made a switch to Bulb because they quoted me great savings and were green to boot so i thought this sounds great and i went ahead, as a single father having a key meter was essential for me and EDF my last supplier installed it for me within days, after my switch i rang Bulb to do the same and they said yes and made the nessessary arrangements, around 2 weeks later a guy from Bulb turned up at my door to install it and i let him do his thing then he left, to my amazement theyd installed a smart meter, i thought wtf is wrong with these people and continued to ring them on the issue, a guy then stated we dont have them and if you want one id have to pay around £200 to get one lol this was 2 years ago and im still waiting andf now theyre sending me debt collection letters because of their inept system, im now thinking of turning to OFGEM, oh nearly forgot my my switch has trebled my bill

If you had a prepayment meter with EDF, and switched to Bulb and they’ve installed a credit meter (that happens to be smart), then your overall tariff is almost certainly cheaper than it was (it’d be extremely difficult for it to be higher). Assuming your consumption is unchanged from when you were with EDF, I’d expect your costs to be lower overall.

Are your bills estimated or based on actual usage? (ie are the smart meter readings actually getting through to Bulb - it’s not uncommon for that not to happen, and the meter to “go dumb”).

If they’re estimated, then you need to submit a manual reading from the meter now, and call Bulb to (a) initiate fixing the smart meter (which will take ages, as smart meters are just a mess all round; but you can manually read it and submit readings to keep the bills accurate in the meantime), and (b) ask them to redo your bills based on the actual usage (they don’t normally do this [they would wait for the next bill date], but I think they should in this scenario [if you ask nicely, but firmly]).

If you’d wanted to stay with a prepayment meter, but with Bulb instead of EDF, then there was no need to ask Bulb to fit a new meter as the existing one would have worked just fine (my limited understanding is that they’d have issued you a new key, but that’s all).

I would also suggest that when you call Bulb, you make it a formal complaint. They’ve not handled this as well as they ought, and it’s only fair that they put you right.

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