My quote is much lower than your claim


I recently moved to my new place and continued with bulb with previous occupant. Bulb sets my first month payment at 138, while the quote I got says it is 106. Why such a big difference?

A couple of possibilities:

By joining in the winter, your first few direct debit payments will likely end up higher than perhaps expected to ensure there’s enough in your account to cover your high winter bills without going overdrawn. Once established, you’ll be able to lower your direct debit to more closely match your expected average monthly usage.

The monthly payments are likely determined from estimates based on previous usage. If the previous occupant used much more energy than you, then the previous usage will be more than the usage you entered when obtaining your quote. Provided you keep entering meter readings 1-2 days before your bill day as requested in the reminder email, then all your bills will be based on actual usage and not estimates. The estimate will slowly correct to your new usage over time.

When comparing costs with other suppliers, remember that the direct debit is not the bill. You need to compare actual energy costs in terms of pence per kWh and standing charge, and ignore whatever likely monthly payment has been quoted.