My recent bill is being charged for 7 months of usage instead of 1


I’ve been complaining to Bulb about my bill from last month as I was away for the majority of the time and I received a high bill which I felt didn’t represent my usage. I was then told by the 3rd person I spoke to that the bill was incorrect and that a new one will be released. I checked my account yesterday and found I was £623 in debit because I am being billed for the past 7 months instead of 1. Their justification was that this was being based on estimates as I haven’t supplied meter readings for a while, however, this is completely false as I supplied meter readings for 6 of those months and have emails from Bulb confirming this. When I go to my energy usage under my account I no longer see my meter readings for the past 7 months.

I have paid my bills for those months and if there was an issue why was it only being raised now? There is no way I am paying for this as this is unacceptable, can someone offer any advice on this?