My referral is missing

I have referred a friend to join bulb and the switch has been completed but neither me or my referral has been credited the £50.
Can you help with this please.

Contact Bulb direct, for info use the help button.

Me too. Like you Nicky, I made a referral. The supply has been up and running for at least a couple of weeks but neither of us has received the £50 credit. I see scudo responded to you “Contact Bulb directly…”. As I type this, my phone tells me that I have been waiting to speak to someone for about 24 mins so far…have we made a mistake signing up with Bulb and referring friends?

Finally spoke to nice chap who sorted it all out and will shortly have credited the two accounts. Best to avoid calling on the first of the month and on a Monday morning! My faith is restored.

Pleased it is now sorted and thanks for letting others know.

Hi @Nicky1 I have just had a look at your account and can see that you have now received the referral credit. The credit is applied once the switch of the recruit is completed. A switch takes 21 days