My smart meter appears to have crashed???

I have had my smart meter for only a few weeks or so. When I arrived home from work today it was bleeping. After dinner this evening I couldn’t stand the noise any more so I picked it up to look at it and the display went berserk!! It began to show all sorts of random ‘screens’ whilst still bleeping furiously at me and then scrolled itself through the multitude of multiple choice option screens where it finally settled on Welsh language and there it has stuck! Although my daughter, son in law and grandchildren live in Wales and speak Welsh - I do not! Please advise!!!

Thank you


You’re referring to your In Home Display (IHD). The smart meter itself is the thing connected to your incoming household supply.

I’d suggest just turned the IHD off, everything else will continue to work as expected (which is not to say work well!).

If the IHD still goes berserk after it’s been off for a while and rebooted, contact Bulb to try to get a replacement.