My smart meter display hasn't worked for months now

The little screen just reboots itself constantly. It is not connected to the smart meter despite being connected to the Internet and being close to them. All my bills are now estimates. Please help.

Same here. Mine failed on 17th February. Reported on 25th, sent photos, was told an engineer would be in touch, nothing.

Chased it in April, there’s a backlog for resetting meters, 3 weeks (then 5 weeks a fortnight later), no change.

Chased it last month, was asked for photos again, sent photos, no response.

This is now preventing me changing tariffs as the website states “We’re still setting up your meter in our systems”.

Hey @Marta1 and welcome to the community :wave:

@AintBigAintClever is correct, your meter does require a communication hub reboot. There is a backlog of these at the moment but we are working through them as quick as we can.

I have now requested this for you and hopefully we will have a response within the next 6 weeks.

– Robyn :bulb: