My smart meter is reading that my gas is at £99999 Electricity at 76

What has happened? The readout states I have exceeded my weekly budget. I am certain that nothing has been left on and nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. The booklet does not explain what to do and you are difficult to contact. Help please I am newly widowed and elderly.

I woke up to mine doing the same thing, I’m guessing it’s a glitch

Ours started doing the same thing over the weekend - come on Bulb - what’s going on? No-one has spent £99999 on energy - it’s obviously a glitch from our not-so-smart meters

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Hi Margaret. I’ve got the same problem. Its definitely a technical problem with the equipment, so we shouldn’t end up paying any more.

Other people elsewhere in the Community seem to have had some luck with pulling the power lead out of the back of the In Home Device (the small screen) and then leaving it until it runs out of power and the screen goes blank. They then say plug it back in, and turn it on using the button on the back. It then resets itself.
For some people that has fixed it. I’m going to try it and see what happens.

Hi all…

First Post… We have been put off the first gen smart meters and avoided the 2nd generation too. Had an email this morning saying our meter must be changed. My wife is pessimistic generally so I thought I’d check out Bulb user experiences…

If my wife saw a display like the ones referred to here in this thread she would be panic stricken!

Guess it is old type replacement only, now.

Glad I looked first…

Hi @wensystem3. Actually this morning I’m feeling a bit better about it:

  • first, the ‘turn it off, leave it to drain the battery completely, and turn it back on again’ hasn’t changed the £99999 figure, but I’ve noticed that’s only the weekly figure - the daily, monthly, yearly figures are all OK, which definitely means this is some weird software glitch. Frustrating but not a major problem, because…
  • second, the IHD is the thing that seems to be the problem, not the meter itself. I checked my meter readings on this website and via the IHD and they look fine, so although its inconvenient, its not a real accounting error
  • third, on my one at least, the ‘error’ was in our favour - I noticed it had a minus sign in front of the number, which essentially means we were theoretically in credit by £100k :joy: Next time it happens I might ring up and ask for a refund!
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I’m glad you got it sorted out… :slight_smile:

i have already emailed the required rely stating i want a standard meter…

I still think she’s going to be better of without the ‘smart’ feature and its quirkiness. I just hope they don’t mess up the normal meter installation, now.

at least we’ll be keeping with Bulb… should help.

@Madmargaret86 and @Mistry You’ll see from my earlier post that I tried unplugging the IHD, letting it drain power until it went flat, and then turning it back on. The daily, monthly and yearly displays all made sense, but the weekly display still showed -£99999.

I then had to go out for the afternoon for work. I came back this evening … and all the figures are OK again now - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. So it’s fixed.

I obviously can’t guarantee what fixed it, but it’s worth trying. Good luck.