My Smart meter not sending readings

Hi - i had to submit a manual reading as I noticed that my smart meter has not recorded any readings since November. Is this because Bulb is in administration?

FYI my smart meter display is working fine I think - but nothing is being picked up by Bulb

It will probably be a problem with the hub on top of the electric meter. If you look at the hub you should see a light that says wan and a light that says han. These should flash every 5 seconds. If they flash quicker than 5 seconds or don’t flash at all then the hub is not working properly

Confirmed. They wan is not working. The light is flashing every second. What’s the fix?

Hey @exmonkey Welcome back to community.

Sorry to hear you have had issues with your smart meter.

As @Smart_fitter has correctly pointed out we have had issues connecting to the hub on the electrical meter (communications hub) this is why you have had to add manual reads over the last few months.

In response to this, we as your supplier need to request a communications reboot. Our smart team will speak with the DCC (smart network) to try and get this back online.

Unfortunately the timeframe is between 3-6 weeks so you may need to add readings for the next 2 statements however we would expect to see this back online at the end of March or even earlier than that.

We will put that reboot request in place today. Let us know if you have any further questions and thank you again @Smart_fitter for your help.

– Carl :bulb:

Thanks - I really need to be able to see my hourly usage as well as provide automatic readings

My daily electricity usage is around 35kwh! Which seems super high. But I have no way of seeing what time of the day I am hitting spikes -since most of the tie the digital display is showing 500w/h

Thanks for messaging back, we do understand this would be ideal to get back online.

That reboot has been requested so we should see some improvement in the timeline mentioned above.

Thanks again for your patience.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi - can you provide me with an update as to when the reboot will happen?

Hi @exmonkey :wave:

I’m sorry but we still don’t have an update on your communications hub reboot. It was requested on the 31st Jan and can take up to a maximum of 6 weeks so we should have an update soon.

– Meg :bulb: