My switch from Bulb

I have added this post as an update on my switch compared to Bulb.

I have initiated a switch away from Bulb to Symbio.

I was starting to get concerned as Bulb never properly set up the time for the peak and off peak on my meter. I was worried that this would really confuse things with Symbio.

So I called Symbio and my fears have gone

They can charge both readings at the standard rate (not E7) unlike Bulb who cant do this.

They answered the phone within about 1 or 2 minutes on a Saturday morning

They don’t have smart meters so I will have to report readings once a month. What a relief that is to know that I am back in control of what readings my supplier takes note of. Genuinely Smart meters are a disgrace that should be stopped now as they are an expensive and futile exercise that will bring no benefits but loads of issue in terms of billing and accuracy of information.

I have recently been starting to feel that Trustpilot reviews of Bulb are rigged, with short comments that say things like “Good prices and good support on the phones.” almost as if they are written to counter the issues raised on this forum. These reviews bear no relation at all to reality.

Symbio have worse reviews but they seem more genuine. My initial contact with them would suggest they are less polished but actually answer/resolve your questions. As opposed to Bulb who have all of the standard answers that are designed to leave you feeling as though they tried but with no actual progress made.

With Symbio it was a refreshing change to call a number of a supplier get a quick answer and come away thinking that things were resolved.