My switch Over

Good morning I have logged in to put meter readings on my account
Only my Gas account appears online though.
My switch is based on a dual account move not solely Gas.
Please can you confirm when Electricity will be showing?

Hi @andrewandjanni - your electricity is switching over a few days later than your gas. You’ll be able to see it on your MyBulb account from the 22nd July :slight_smile:

I am still being invoiced by my previous supplier, N Power Why is this?



Hi @michael4630 - We took over your supply at the beginning of July so they should be any usage up until your start date with Bulb.

If you double check any statements they have sent you and make sure they are not invoicing you for usage beyond your Bulb start date.

If they are, can you send us a copy via email and we can get in touch with them to sort them out :slight_smile: