My Tariff can't be correct

Hello I was after some help please my projected yearly tariff figures are clearly wrong and I have been questioning our monthly and yearly costs for 3 years never have they been so high considering we live in a 2 bed semi.
There are only 2 of us but the projected figures for the coming year are below and I can’t quite work out why the gas is the equivalent of us running a large business.


Assumed annual consumption
2011.30 kWh
Assumed annual consumption
54844.00 kWh

Hey @WayneL - welcome to Community!

The tariff figures on the email you received are correct but it looks like you mean your annual consumption figures.

2000 kWh for a house seems totally fine for elec use a year, the gas use does look quite high though :thinking: I’ve checked your historical annual gas consumption and the figure is more like 24000 kWh. We receive this data from the Industry but it looks like there was definitely an error on yours- I’ve updated your account to reflect that the 24000 figure well.

I can see on the account we get readings a bit sparsely some months. I recommend submitting a reading to us every month if you can, if not at a minimum of every 3 months not only to make sure the bills are kept accurate, but that the energy use we track is kept current and estimated figures stay up to date. Without meter readings we have to estimate and this can make it look like you use lots in large amounts as we catch up when we get an actual reading.

Any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

– H :bulb:

Hi thanks for replying but I don’t see how the 2 of us would ever use 24000 Kw of gas let alone 54000.
We have the heating on in winter for roughly 8 hours a day and never go above 21 degrees with Hive installed these figures are crazy surely.
We pay £210 a month but was £250 during winter something don’t seem right as we have lived here for 11 years and in the 3 years of Bulb the monthly cost has doubled.

Hmm @WayneL, do you think something is wrong with the meter?

It’s very rare for a meter to start recording usage inaccurately.

There are many reasons why your meter might produce unexpectedly high or low readings:

  • User error in reading the meter

  • Previous underestimation of energy consumption making the actual reading look relatively large or small

  • Particularly cold or mild seasonal weather leading to use of more or less energy than normal

  • Changes in circumstance (eg illness, new baby, working at home etc)

  • Faulty appliances using more energy than it should (a trace test would show this; which can be carried out by an electrician)

  • Changing types of appliance (ie moving from gas to electricity or vice versa)

If you don’t think any of these sounds right, there’s a quick test we can do to check its working correctly- let me know and I’ll pop you an email with the details :slight_smile: