My transfer date differs to payment date

I have received an email saying my change over will now be late and will start on 1st July, but now I received an email saying it due to change over on 23rd and first payment will be taken. I haven’t even been asked to give meter readings.

Something doesn’t add up please explain??

Hi @marissa. The email we sent explains your gas supply is delayed until 1st July. This is because of delays caused by Project Nexus, a major update to the UK gas industry.

Everything with your electricity supply is going ahead as normal on 23rd June. So we’ve kept the first payment on 23rd. You, of course, won’t pay for any gas that we’ve not supplied you. This will just remain as credit in your account.

We’ve sent you an email with more details. Take a look at your inbox when you get a mo. :slight_smile: