My Understanding of Price Rises

I know price rises suck, and have been waiting to see a load of posts complaining about the price rises.

This is the price you pay with a standard tariff, all energy suppliers have a standard variable tariff, their difference being that they will stealthily put you on it if you don’t query them.

Its much like mortgage rates. You can select a variable or fixed rate. The fixed rate will always be a higher price and this is because its a gamble on both sides (the customer and the supplier). When you go on a fixed rate the price will never go above a threshold, but this threshold CAN be higher than a standard tariff at its lowest. With a standard tariff its pegged to conditions so it can go high or low.

I can’t believe people who can’t read the small print are allowed to complain about the contract they entered.

You have some time to leave before the price rise comes into effect anyway.

Well said @FromTheValleys