My Warm Home Discount Decision

Hi, I filled in an application on the day it was started way back but have heard nothing?

I joined Bulb in July 2019 and have added 3 or 4 new customers via my affiliate link

My name is jrnitram+mail and would be interested if I was successful. I am approaching 90 and have Pension Credit.

Look forward to your reply Jim

there are a lot of people in the same the boat, bulb are telling us we are in audit at the dwp

Hi @jrnitram_mail,

Your application for the Warm Home Discount has been submitted and we’re awaiting the next steps from the DWP, as said by @srpayne.sp.

All payments will be made by the 31st of March, so expect us to get in touch very soon with the timeline as to when to expect your payment if successful.

All the best,

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

just in time for the summer snow!