MyBulb dashboard blank?

I have moved providers and my dashboard is empty so I do not know if you owe me money or if I owe you money, taking nearly a week to reply to my email saying it is a bug isn’t on and I would like to know where I stand please?

Hi @GoNz0, when you say your dashboard is blank, what do you mean?
I presume this is an issue you’re facing on the website rather than the IOS app?

If you go to your payment details page here, what do you see?

@GoNz0 We have now issued the final bill which shows the final account balance which we will refund to you over the next day or two. The reason you cannot access your account is this is closed when your account is also closed.

Hi. I am a current customer and my dashboard is also completely blank.

I am no expert but I suspect it is a PC issue, maybe an ad blocker or anti virus programme? If not then other members may have some solution.

@scudo, blank dashboards so far have all been account issues at Bulb’s end AFAIK.

@Smegreg, just hang tight and I’m sure Bulb will be able to sort this out for you on Monday (@“Andrew at Bulb” maybe?)

@Smegreg I can see that your account terminated with us on the 3rd of September. Due to this, your Bulb dashboard will appear blank. If you have a new account, just call in at 0300 30 30 635 and we’ll sort it out on the spot.

@“SJ at Bulb”, could the account page do something slightly more helpful?

Like suggest that the account has been closed, or not let you log in (like most other suppliers do)?

@mowcius we are in the process of working on our post-supply Bulb account as we speak!