Mysterious Spike in Electricity Usage

I found a mysterious spike in my electricity usage, and I’m trying to find the cause. After 6 months in my current flat I checked the meter and was under the expected amount. 6 months later (today) I checked again, and I found that the meter was really far above the expected amount. The excess is quite large, about 6 times the expected use in a given month. My roommates and I haven’t changed anything or added any appliances.

How can I find the cause of this issue?

Hi @kimstachenfeld, this is one of those that might be better to discuss over the phone. The usage at your property is really quite low, around 1/3 of UK average consumption. It may be that your consumption is quite flat over a whole year and as a result our estimates (which assume lower usage in summer) are systematically going to under estimate your usage in summer.

Good to know - thanks!